When is Men's Mental Health Month

When is Men’s Mental Health Month?

If we talk about men, they are naturally not open to addressing their problems and seeking help whether it be mental or physical. So, for this reason, there is a month dedicated to this purpose known as men’s mental health month. What is this men’s mental health month and when is it celebrated? Let’s have a look.

When is Men’s Mental Health Month?

Men’s mental health month is considered to be June. It signifies that the mental health of men is equally important as others and needs to be given equal importance and taken care of.This month is to address specific challenges and problems faced by men on a regular basis. The aim of this month is two-fold: First, men should access mental health help and services, on time. Second, promoting community-based mental services to be provided to men would help overcome the barriers faced by men in reaching and accessing appropriate treatment for their condition.

Why is Men’s Mental Health Month Important?

The purpose of Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month is to raise awareness about mental illnesses and preventable problems and to educate them regarding the early detection and treatment of these problems. It pinpoints many issues that really need to be addressed:

1- The average lifespan of men is five years less than women according to CDC and there has been an increase in this gap over the years.

2- Men die more from cancers than women and have twice more heart attacks as women.

3- Men are most likely to die of these three diseases: heart problems, cancer, and unintentional injuries.

4- Men also go for mental health treatments very less compared to women which results in 4x increased suicide rates among men.

To address all these issues and spread awareness that mental health issues are very real, men’s mental health month is celebrated. In a spirit to promote that people are there to help you, nobody has to fight their thought devils alone. 

What Are The Main Problems Men Face?

There are many problems that men face but fail to address. These include:

  • Depression

Men are not likely to address their depression which they might face due to financial responsibilities, workplace issues or big life changes, etc. which leads to stress and depression that goes undiagnosed. 

  • Anxiety

Around 19.1 million people aged 18-54 years suffer from an anxiety disorder. A lot of men have different panic disorders and agoraphobia etc but they don’t seek any help for it.

  • Bipolar disorder

Around equal equation, both genders face bipolar disorder. For men, the onset of this problem is around 16-25 years of age and they are not likely to report this issue and go undiagnosed.

  • Eating disorders

Men with eating disorders account for almost 10% but they do not go for professional help so it also remains an undiagnosed issue for men.

  • Psychosis and schizophrenia

Around 90% of people that suffer from this mental problem are men. They are not likely to ask for help regarding this condition.

  • Use of drugs and Alcohol

Men commonly start taking drugs or drinking alcohol when they are stressed or stuck in anything. It has become so common but still, then they do not address this issue and it remains unsolved.

What Are The Solution To These Problems Faced By Men?

It is really important that these issues faced by men should be considered and provided with solutions. This Mental Health Month is dedicated to Men for solely the reason to address these problems faced by men and to provide them with solutions. To get a healthy life and good mental health, it is important to:

1. Therapy

It is important for Men to recognize and accept that their problem is affecting their mental health and that going to therapy is normal and it is a good solution to treat the issue related to mental health.

2. Talk about feelings

When you talk about your feelings, and your problems you feel alot of burden dropped. This really helps in improving the state of mind and reduces stress, making you feel relaxed.

3. Socializing

Suffering from mental health problems could be really isolating. It is important to socialize and make connections, by joining social groups or going out to a gathering. It could really help with the problems like depression or getting addicted to something.

4. Go out and try to be active

People who are inactive and stay at home are more prone to fall for depression and stress. Going out, engaging in other activities, and maintaining good physical activity really improve mental health issues.

All these things are discussed and promoted in Men’s Mental Health Month and for this reason, this month is really important.


Men’s mental health day is celebrated in June. This month is aimed at spreading awareness regarding mental health problems while educating them regarding the early detection and treatment of these problems. This month also focuses on the matter that men’s mental health is equally important as others’ and needs to be taken care of. So, for this reason, the month of June is considered a men’s mental health month.


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