What Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

What Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

Exercising is a great approach to a healthy life. It not only helps people get and maintain healthy body weight but protects against a number of health problems. There are many people who specifically focus on exercises to lose weight while they are on a diet. There are multiple exercises out there that help you lose weight, and build muscle but we wonder which exercise burns the most calories and is most effective in weight loss? Let’s have a look.

Which Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

There are many exercises that burn a lot of calories but if you want to do an exercise that burns the most calories, then running is your best and top-of-the-list option. Running for an hour burns a great number of calories. But how can simple running burn the most calories? Come and let’s find out.

How Does Running Burns the Most Calories?

That’s true we hear many times that running is the one that burns the most calories, even though many other exercises also burn a great number of calories but still running or even jogging comes on top of the list. The reason is this while running, every single muscle in your body is engaged in the process, which makes the most calories to burn. From a report by the American Council on Exercise, running burns more calories compared to weight training, swimming, or even cycling.

There are many other exercises as well that burn a lot of calories. Have a look at them.

What Exercises Other Than Running Burn The Most Calories?

Given below are 11 different exercises that burn the most calories per hour, but keep in mind that this might vary and depend on some factors like intensity, duration of exercise, and weight.

1: Running

Running is the exercise that burns the most calories. So, running for an hour burns about 500-1000 calories involving every muscle of the body to be engaged in the exercise.

2: Water polo

A water polo exercise can help a weight loss player to burn up to 700-800 calories per hour of the game.

3: Bicycling

It is good exercise and on average, it burns 50% greater calories than walking a minute. This exercise starts burning calories at a minimum of 400 calories per hour.

4: Rope Jumping

This rope jumping burns about 15 to 20 calories every minute and helps you easily burn 450 calories on average for 15 minutes of jumping.

5: Stationary Bicycle

On a stationary bicycle, a person can burn more than 600 calories per hour, depending on the body weight and internist of exercise. So, it is a great choice for burning calories fast.

6: Rowing machine

On a rowing machine with the power of 100 watts, a person can burn around 500-700 calories per hour on average.

7: Aerobic Dance

An aerobic dance burns about 9.5 calories per minute. So, on average it burns around 300-800 calories per hour of workout. The right number of calories burned depends upon the intensity of exercise and your body weight.

8: Rope Jumping

It burns about 15 to 20 calories every minute. With this exercise, it’s easy to burn 200 to 300 calories on average by jumping for 15 minutes only.

9: Swimming

It is a low-impact exercise that involves multiple muscles of the body and causes a great number of calories to be burned.

10: Jogging

Doing jogging per mile burns between 80-140 calories per mile. So, a 30-minute exercise, depending on your speed and body weight, will burn 350-600 calories.

11: Hiking

Hiking is one form of cardio and assists your body to burn fat in the same way as a cardio routine. A good hike for a 160 lb person burns about 430- 440 calories/ hour while a person of 200 lbs would burn nearly 550 calories per/hour.

All these exercises burn a good number of calories, and it also depends on how long you do the exercise and with how much intensity.


There are many different types of exercises that burn calories but running burns the most among them. The calories that you burn are also affected by the intensity and duration of exercise along with your body mass. Running burns the most calories because when you run, the entire body’s muscles are involved in the activity which helps the body burn more calories. But if you are not a running person then you can choose any other exercise that burns a good number of calories, like bicycling, rope jumping, swimming, jogging, etc. So it is your choice


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