Best Shoulder Movements Exercises

Best Shoulder Movements/Exercises

Strong shoulders are really important for everyday tasks and for your workout routine. it is important to focus on shoulder exercises as they are the base of strength and build an attractive physique. Every workout involves the shoulder muscles for movement and stability. So, it is important to know some best shoulder movements and exercises. Read below to find out the 10 best shoulder exercises.

What Are Shoulder Exercises Used For?

Our shoulder is not as simple as other parts of our body. It has a ball and socket joint, which makes it quite different and complex from other joints like the elbow and knee. One thing to understand is that the ball and socket joint works in three planes and is multiplanar. As shoulders have a great range of movement, it is a bit of a challenge to keep all the muscles working and stable in every plane of motion.

So, it is important to work out all shoulder muscles while keeping them stable and preventing any injury.

Best Shoulder Movements/Exercises

Below mentioned are some best shoulder exercises and the way to do them.

1. Overhead Press

This exercise enhances strength and increases the mass of shoulder muscles.

  • Put the barbell on the rack.
  • Hold the bar in a way that it is close to your upper chest.
  • Now press up and lean the torso backward as the bar weight pass over your head.
  • Move the torso forward when the bar has moved over your head.
  • Now extend your arms in the upward position till the elbows become locked.

2. Push Press

It is a compound exercise, that works for the upper and lower muscles of the body, strengthening them.

  • Hold the bar with a full-hand grip a bit wider than the width of the shoulder.
  • Now squeeze and grab the bar close to the body like it stays on top of your shoulder.
  • Keep the chin, chest, and elbows pressed in an upward position infront of the bar to tackle the forward movement of the bar.

3. Bench Press

This exercise improves endurance, power, and strength of the upper body and works especially on the deltoids, triceps, and pecs.

  • Sit on the bench.
  • Grip the dumbbells on your thighs.
  • Move back to a lying position and extend the arms and hold the dumbbells over the chest while your palm faces your feet.
  • Now lower the dumbbells in the outward direction by pointing the elbows at a 45-D angle.
  • Now pin the dumbbells backup.

4. Kettlebell Press

This helps build muscles in the deltoids and triceps while strengthening the shoulders.

  • Grip the kettlebell at your shoulder height.
  • Keep your elbow under the hand and press the weight overhead.
  • Now reverse the bell and lower the weight.
  • Repeat the process.

5. Arnold Press

It helps improve shoulder strength, increase muscle mass and target all three heads of the deltoids.

  • You can start sitting or standing while keeping almost a width of the distance between feet and shoulder.
  • In any position, your back should be straight.
  • Core should be engaged.
  • Now hold the dumbbells under your chin with palms in direction of you.
  • When you press up, just keep rotating your palms so that they face away at the top movement.
  • Now lower and back down the dumbbells.

6. Single Arm Pushpress

This dynamic exercise is good for increasing shoulder strength with lower body strength as well.

  • Keep your width and shoulder width apart
  • Position the torso straight while bending the knees as you do in a squat position.
  • Straight the knees while lifting the kettlebell.
  • Bend your knees, and bring the kettlebell low to the shoulder to the start point.

7. Reverse Fly

It is good for strengthening shoulders, upper arms, and back while improving body posture.

  • Stand straight in the mid of the band.
  • Cross the end of the band to the opposite hands in a way that crosses the lower legs from the front.
  • Bend forward while hinging at the hips, keeping your back straight and maintaining the light bend in your knees.
  • Now pull the band in the upward direction till your hands reach the chest level.
  • Bring together the shoulder blades.
  • Keep the position for seconds.
  • Return to the start point slowly.

8. Front Raise

It strengthens the front shoulders.

  • Set yourself in the middle of the band by standing on it.
  • Grip the band with opposing hands in a way that the band crosses the legs.
  • Put your hand on your thighs.
  • Bring your arms up in a straight position, and stop when they reach shoulder height.
  • Now pause for some time before going back to the starting position.

9. Banded Delt Raises

These exercises are good for strengthening the shoulder muscles and are a variation of dumbbell raise.

  • Stand straight in a neutral position and hold the band with one hand.
  • Maintain a neutral position of your hand.
  • Raising your arms to the sides till they are parallel to the floor.
  • Pause for a while and then lower your arm to the starting point slowly.
  • Repeat.

10. Windmill

It improves core strength and enhances stability in the glutes, shoulders, and sides of the torso.

  • Stand straight while your feet and shoulder are widths apart.
  • Now it’s about feet. Turn the left one to a 90-D angle and the right one to the left to a 45-D angle.
  • Position the right arm up at the ceiling holding the dumbbell.
  • Position the left arm in the downward hanging position, without the dumbbell.
  • Hinge your hips in a slow way to the right as the left-hand reach down to the left leg.
  • The right leg should be kept straight with a slight bend on the left knee.
  • Engage your core while slowly standing back up.
  • Repeat…


When we select shoulder exercises, it is important to go for good ones. Best shoulder exercises are those that involve all shoulder muscles while keeping them stable and preventing them from any injury. Some best shoulder exercises include press movements like overhead, push, bench, kettlebell, arnold, and single-arm push press. Other best shoulder exercises include reverse fly, branded delt raises, and windmill.


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