Why Do Males Tend To Have More Cardiorespiratory Fitness Than Females

Why Do Males Tend To Have More Cardiorespiratory Fitness Than Females?

Ever wondered why females get short on breath quite often during a physical workout rather than males? Do you find it odd? Well, there is a reason why males tend to have more cardiorespiratory fitness than females. Curious to know? Keep reading to find out.

What is Cardiorespiratory Fitness?

The ability of circulatory and respiratory systems to work simultaneously to supply oxygen to the skeletal muscles and mitochondria to ensure energy production during physical activity is known as cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). It is a component of physiological fitness and refers to the best health of the heart and lungs as well. There is some research and general observation that claims that males have better CRF as compared to females. Why is it so? Let’s see.

Why do Males Tend to Have More Cardiorespiratory Fitness Than Females?

It is believed that CRF depends on the amount of physical activity performed by a person, then why is there a difference in CRF between males and females? Does sex play important role in determining the CRF of any person? Let’s see how males are better at this than females.

1. Males Have a High Amount of Hemoglobin in Their Blood

It is a well-known fact that there are significant differences between a male and a female body. This includes the level of ideal hemoglobin in the blood as well. Hemoglobin is the essential component in transporting oxygen from the blood to the lungs and to the tissues of the body. During physical activity, our muscles are in dire need of oxygen, and at that moment hemoglobin works double to get the job done.

So, it’s an obvious fact, that the more hemoglobin, the more oxygen is transferred to tissues. As males have more hemoglobin in their blood, it is believed that it helps them have better CRF as compared to females. It improves their physical activity as well. That’s why males are better at many sports and physical activities than females.

2. Males Have Usually Larger Physiological Appearances

Males also supersede females in CRF due to their larger physical build. Males usually have large body sizes, which means more skeletal muscle and more lung capacity. This larger build helps them in producing and supplying more oxygen to the muscles during aerobic activities. And that ultimately leads to better CRF than females. Females usually have leaner and slim body shapes, which does not allow much lung capacity.

How One Can Improve Cardiorespiratory Fitness?

No matter if you are a male or a female, keeping your heart and lungs healthy is mandatory. And to do that, a daily dose of physical activity is a must thing. Try performing aerobic exercises on a daily basis which will eventually improve your heart and lung health by improving the blood circulation and oxygen utilization by the body.


Males get to have better cardiorespiratory fitness due to the high level of hemoglobin in their blood which makes it easier for them to absorb more oxygen during physical activity. Their larger build also helps them in this regard. While genetic factors cannot be fought, one can surely improve their physical health to improve CRF.


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