What is liteboxer GO

What is liteboxer GO?

Liteboxer goes portable with its new launch, Liteboxer Go. It is a small portable, user-friendly version of liteboxer, pushing people to stay fit and keep a track of their fitness without any restriction on the location. But people find it a bit expensive, yet hesitate to buy it. Do you know how much liteboxer Go costs? Let us tell you.

What Is Liteboxer Go?

Liteboxer Go is an updated and portable version of the wall-mounted liteboxer fitness bundle. A small device is packed in straps that you place on your wrist and throw punches on the screen. There are pre-installed beats on which you throw punches and the sensors in the liteboxer track your progress. You can change the level of difficulty in the settings of its app.

What Does Liteboxer Go Include?

Liteboxer Go is a portable device that you can keep with you on a go. That’s why it includes some awesome features like:

  • Punch-tracking sensors
  • Wrist straps to provide comfort during tough workouts
  • Can be connected to the TV, mobile, or any other device
  • Built-in accelerometer to track your metrics
  • Hundreds of workout videos
  • Music
  • Sensor-charging case
  • Device stand which can be used to display workouts on other devices
  • 2 egg weights
  • Carry bag
  • Charging cord

How Much Does Liteboxer Go Cost?

The liteboxer Go costs around $100, and it’s a one-time purchase. To use its features, you can either subscribe to the free plan which only allows you to access a few songs and training workouts. But for the $9.99 per month, you can access hundreds of songs, and workout tutorials, and can track your progress as well. You can also compete with other liteboxer Go users.

Liteboxer Go is also offered free of cost to the people who commit to the monthly membership plan costing $15.99 per month for a year. This plan has been announced to make liteboxer Go accessible to everyone.

Currently, the Black Friday sale is live on Liteboxer Go and it will only cost you $9.99, which is the cost of membership, and the sensors and other accessories will be free of cost.

Who Should Buy Liteboxer Go?

While it is an expensive choice, liteboxer Go can save up your time and energy in finding the perfect location and equipment for the workout. It also saves you the time of getting trained by personal trainers. So, people who need a device on a go to stay fit, who need heavy beat music to perform the workout, who need to work out in small spaces like home or office, and who do not like to work out with heavy equipment, should make this purchase.

Is Liteboxer Go Worth It?

The subscription to liteboxer Go could be too much for some people but the price tag does justify its benefits. So, in our opinion, it is worth it for the people looking for a device that not only motivates them to do more but also lets them track their progress.

The Final Word

The liteboxer Go is a portable device with punch-tracking sensors which costs $100 for its hardware and $9.99 per month for its subscription plan. With the free plan, the hardware comes free with a monthly subscription. It is an effective device for people looking to stay fit indoors and on the go.


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