How Does The FITT Principle Apply To The Development Of Successful Personal Fitness Goals

How Does The FITT Principle Apply To The Development Of Successful Personal Fitness Goals

How good would it feel if there is a principle to follow to reach our fitness goals successfully? FITT principle is known to be followed by many to make sure the success of their fitness goals. But how FIIT principle can do that? Let’s take a look:

What Is The FITT Principle?

FITT stands for Fitness, Intensity, Time, and Type. It is a principle that people apply before designing a fitness plan for themselves. Its four simple foundations help people devise a suitable yet achievable fitness plan that will eventually bear out their desired results. Its four pillars are:

1: Frequency

The first pillar of this principle is frequency which means how frequently you can perform your workout to keep the momentum going and achieve your long-term fitness goals.

2: Intensity

The second pillar of this principle is the intensity which refers to the level of intensity of a workout performed on a daily basis. It should be intense enough to push your limits but not much that it causes injuries or pain to your body. It should challenge your body, not torture it.

3: Time

The third pillar is time, which makes up for the idea that for how long you can sustain your body to perform a workout that would eventually lead you to your fitness goals. Increasing time with the passage of time to increase stamina and endurance is the key.

4: Type of Exercise

The final pillar is the type of exercise. It refers to the idea that how many varieties of exercises can you perform in a single workout to make it more productive and break the monotony.

How FITT Principle Is Applied?

To apply the FIIT principle to your fitness routine, you need to make sure that you practice more cardio and strength training in your fitness routine. The idea is to increase the frequency, intensity, and timing of these workouts gradually in your routine to get benefitted from their practice. Finally, try adding or swapping various kinds of workouts

How Does The FITT Principle Apply To The Development Of Successful Personal Fitness Goals?

Many studies have shown that the FIIT principle plays a very beneficial role in the development of successful personal fitness goals. How? Let’s take a look:

1: Help Make An Efficient Fitness Plan

If you work out keeping in mind the idea of the FIIT principle, then you have a more sound fitness plan which has everything sorted what kind of workouts you are going to perform, at what intensity, and for how long. This lets you work more efficiently towards your personal fitness goals without any hindrance.

2: Great For Monitoring Exercise Progress

A devised plan is a great way to keep a check on your exercise progress. The idea of continuous improvement in your workout routine by the FIIT principle helps you monitor your exercise progress. This lets you keep the check and balance on when and how to step up your game and when to take a pause.

3: Improvement In Plateau

It’s pretty normal to face a plateau while working out. Working out on a similar workout routine might get really monotonous and boring to perform. That’s when the FIIT principle comes into the scene. The fourth and final pillar of the FIIT refers to the different types of workouts, which means that you should try different workouts after some time to break the cycle of monotony in exercises. This will help you get out of the plateau very soon and will keep you motivated to perform more and better.

4: Encourages Cross Training

It could be possible that your fitness goal does not require you to perform cardio, strength training, or any other such exercises. But FIIT asks you to add these to your routine to encourage you to perform cross-training. Cross training might not be directly affecting your fitness goals, but an overall workout of the body keeps it healthy and supports your fitness goals in a positive way.

5: Great For Beginners

The only struggle beginners face before starting a workout routine is a plan. They don’t know how much they should work out and what kind of workouts would be perfect for them. The FITT principle comes to their rescue and lets them begin their fitness journey by giving a simple plan based on frequency, intensity, time, and type.

The Final Word

The base of any plan matters the most as it holds the ground of the plan whenever things go south. That’s why applying the FIIT principle to your fitness plan will help you achieve your goals in a sustainable and quick manner. You just need to keep increasing the frequency, intensity, time, and type of your exercises, and you’ll see your fitness plan succeeding in no time.


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