Pull-up Alternatives

Pull-up Alternatives

Alternatives to pull-ups? Why would someone need that? Well, there could be a number of things or reasons which could make a person look for alternatives for pull-ups. Someone might be bored with their typical pull-up routine, or they could simply need to level up their pull-up progress. All that can be done by adding alternatives to your pull-ups. Let’s see how.

What Are Pull-Ups?

To improve upper body strength, pull-ups are one of the best exercises which target the upper body muscles. It helps in building up multiple muscles including biceps brachii, back muscles, and latissimus dorsi. Pull-ups can be performed with different grips of the hand including overhand grip, underhand grip, mixed grip, or the rotating hand grip.

How To Do Pull-Ups?

The pull-ups need to be done in a perfect manner to achieve the results. To perform the perfect pull-ups, the steps that need to be followed are:

1: Hold the pull-up bar and start pulling yourself up while exhaling. You need to get to the level where your chin gets in level with the pull-up bar. Hold yourself there.

2: After holding yourself there, inhale, and slowly bring yourself down until your arms are completely extended.

3: Repeat the above steps but do not touch the floor meanwhile.

4: Perform the number of repeats you think are necessary for your daily workout routine.

Pull-Ups Alternatives

To add more resistance to your pull-ups to challenge yourself, there are plenty of alternatives that can be performed. Here we are mentioning three of those alternatives so you can add modifications to your workout routine.

1: Reverse Pull-Up

To perform the reverse pull-ups:

1: Set the bar at the height of your waist

2: Lie down on the floor in a way that your back is placed right under the bar.

3: Extend your arms to hold the bar and keep pulling yourself towards it.

4: Hold the bar with your full strength and keep hanging your body in that position.

5: Lower down the body and then keep moving up and down.

2: Commando Pull-Up

Here’s how you can perform commando pull-ups

1: Position your body sideways to the bar and start grabbing it with one hand in front of the other.

2: Start lowering down, until you observe the complete elbow extension.

3: Start pulling yourself and when you see that your head is going above the bar, that’s where you stop.

4: Lower down again and repeat the steps.

3: Bar Pull-Ups

Well, bar pull-ups are performed like normal pull-ups. The only thing that you need to change a bit in these pull-ups is to change the type of your hand’s grip on the bar. You can try holding the bar either by overhand grip, mixed grip, or rotating hand grip.

The Final Word

Pull-ups can work out your upper body muscles and by adding variation to pull-ups like reverse, commando, and bar pull-ups, one can benefit more. But do keep in mind to keep your body straight while performing these pull-ups, otherwise, you might injure yourself in the process.


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