How to clean the rubber gym floor

How to Clean the Rubber Gym Floor?

Cleaning is definitely not the favorite task of most of us but to maintain the hygiene in our life and surroundings, we have to do the cleaning. Similar is the case with the gym floor. You will never prefer or choose to work out on a dirty floor. A number of home-based and even commercial gyms use rubber floors, as these floors offer a wide range of benefits and make the workout process smooth and efficient. But with constant workouts comes dirt as well. Want to know how to clean the rubber gym floor? This guide is for you then.

But, first, let’s see why rubber floors are used in gyms.

Why Is Rubber Floor Used In Gyms? What’s The Significance?

Rubber floors are now commonly used by people setting up gyms in their homes or even some commercial gyms also prefer to carpet their floor with rubber. Rubber floors are known to provide more friction while performing a workout, which helps in keeping the body in balance. They are good shock absorbers, have sound dampening quality, and prevent any damage to the subfloor. They are also very durable, that’s why people use them to last long in a place. But the best part about rubber floors is that they can easily be washed.

How Can Rubber Gym Floor Get Dirty?

Rubber flooring can get dirty very easily. If you have been working out with your shoes on, then there definitely will be a lot of dirt and germs that will be transferred onto the rubber floor. Other than that, a rigorous workout will make you sweat a lot, which along with other dirt and residue will be stuck to the rubber gym floor.

How To Clean The Rubber Gym Floor?

Though there are many simple processes known to clean your rubber gym floor; it’s necessary that before washing you know the material of your mat and its washing conditions.

Here, you’ll find three simple steps to clean your rubber gym floor.

1. Sweeping With A Broom Or Vacuum

The very first step in cleaning the rubber flooring in your gym will be sweeping your floor with a broom or a vacuum, depending on the level of dirt on the flooring. Sweeping shall be done on daily basis or even can be done twice or thrice a day, if your gym has multiple users. Sweep the entire floor before moving on to the deep cleaning.

2. Spot Cleaning

Before performing a deep cleaning, do a spot cleaning. If you observe any dirt or gum stuck on the flooring; use the plastic scraper to remove them to protect the rubber flooring. If the spot is stubborn and is not ready to come off with a scraper, you can use a glass cleaner to slightly wet the stain. After that, just clean the spot with a damp nylon cloth.

3. Deep Cleaning (pH Neutral Cleanser)

To give your rubber floor deep cleaning, you need to mop the whole floor with a good cleaner specially designed for rubber floor cleaning. The most common and non-abrasive cleaners have neutral pH, which does not break the fiber of the rubber. To prepare the washing solution, mix the neutral pH cleaner with warm water in a bucket. Take a sponge mop, wet it in the prepared solution, and mop the floor thoroughly.

Once the solution gets a bit muddy due to all the dirt on the floor, you shall change the solution and replace it with a new solution. After mopping the floor, let the solution stay on the rubber flooring for around 5-10 minutes. When the cleaner stays on the rubber for some time, it kills the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. But do not let the cleaner dry on the rubber, otherwise, it will ruin the flooring. Before the cleaner gets dry on the flooring, rinse it off with a mop damped in clean and warm water. After completely rinsing the flooring, let the flooring air-dry completely.

Tips: Never dampen the whole floor while mopping at once. It will quickly absorb the cleaner. The best way is to clean the rubber flooring in portions so each portion can be cleaned and air-dried at an appropriate time. Avoid using acidic chemical cleaners including vinegar, bleach, or any other.

The Final Word

Keeping rubber flooring clean in the gym is necessary for a clean and healthy workout environment. The cleaning can be done in three simple steps sweeping, spot cleaning, and deep cleaning. But it’s necessary to only use cleaners recommended for the wash and avoid using harsh chemicals on the surface of the rubber flooring. By following the process mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to keep your rubber flooring neat and clean, forever.


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