What Is The First Step In Developing The Personal Fitness Plan

What is the First Step in Developing the Personal Fitness Plan

The majority of us struggle with beginnings. Whether it’s about beginning a friendship, a degree, a job, or a fitness plan. All it takes is a first step which determines if we’ll be able to do it or not. That’s why beginnings are hard, as you need to take that first step very carefully. Planning a personal fitness plan also needs that one initial step that acts as a foundation of the whole plan. So what is that step? How to take it? We’ll tell you that. Keep reading.

What is a Personal Fitness Plan?

Can’t skip the basics, that’ why you should be aware of what exactly is a personal fitness plan. A personal fitness plan is a specialized plan that varies for each and every person based on their fitness needs. It is a perfect combination of both physical activities and healthy meals. This personal fitness plan serves as a guide for people whether aiming for general fitness or are seeking guidance to build certain muscles in their body for any athletic or personal reasons.

Designing a personal fitness plan is a step-by-step process, and its first step is the most important one.

What is the First Step in Developing a Personal Fitness Plan?

Wondering where to start? The very first step of developing a personal fitness plan is setting goals and assessing your current fitness level.

It is an evident fact that you cannot move forward if you don’t know your destination. That’s the case in planning your personal fitness plan as well. Setting goals is important and these goals vary from person to person. Some might consider losing weight to look fit or to get rid of diseases. Some might want to take part in certain sports or some might want to build those muscles to act as a model. Whatever the goal is, it needs to be set right from the start.

After setting your goal you should also assess your physical fitness. You cannot just jump into a physical activity routine without knowing where you stand. That’s why it’s necessary that you assess yourself or take the help of professionals to assess your physical fitness level. Based on that, you’ll be able to know what kind of exercises you can perform to reach your fitness goals.

Once you are done with it, you’ll be ready to plan your fitness routine without any problem or confusion. Being clear about your goals drives your motivation and keeps you focused to follow the plan you have designed for yourself.

What are the other steps of developing a personal fitness plan?

Once you are done setting your goals, you can move on to the next steps of developing a personal fitness plan. These steps are:

  1. Setting goals and assessing current fitness level
  2. Choosing exercises and workout plans that suit your goals based on the FIIT principle
  3. Divide your goals into many small goals to achieve them easily
  4. Start gradually and keep increasing the timing of your workout along with its intensity
  5. Keep monitoring your progress
  6. Add healthy and balanced meals to your diet routine
  7. Allow time for recovery
  8. Stay committed to your plan


The important tip is to design a fitness plan that is achievable and is not tough to follow, else you’ll get demotivated in a very short period of time. Keep adding a variety of workouts to your fitness routine so you can work out all your muscles and break the monotony. Keeping a constant check on your progress will help you evaluate your strong and weak points in your fitness routine which you can eventually work on.


The very first step to building a successful fitness plan is to set realistic goals and determine your fitness level. Once you are past this stage, you can design your personal fitness plan which will lead you right to your fitness goals. Just keep following the plan, stay committed, and if you think a certain exercise is not working for you, change it. After all, it’s your plan and you can always make all the necessary changes to make it a success.


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