How Much Does The Smith Machine Bar Weigh At Planet Fitness

How Much Does The Smith Machine Bar Weigh At Planet Fitness?

Strength training often involves lifting weight at gyms. It could be free weights or barbells. One such option is the stunning and most talked about Smith machine at Planet Fitness. It looks so giant and people have this misconception that it is hard to work out with the Smith machine. So how much does the bar at the Smith machine weigh? Let’s find out its weight.

What exactly is Smith Machine?

Smith machine is fitness equipment in which a pulley is attached which helps in the movement of the weights. The bars in the Smith machine are fixed and cannot be removed but can only be moved up and down via pulley.

The Smith machine has become popular among people who like to build muscles via weight-lifting but get afraid due to free weight lifting. Smith machines provide them an opportunity of lifting weight without the risk of injury and with ease.

How much does the Smith machine bar weigh at Planet Fitness?

The Smith machine placed at Planet Fitness has been designed to give people a safe and easy alternative for powerlifting exercises. The weight bar on the Smith machine is not free but is attached to multiple parts of the Smith machine like bearings, clamps, rollers, and guide bar. That’s why it is not possible to measure the weight of the bar on the Smith machine, as it cannot be removed.

However, if you look at the bars on the Smith machine in Planet Fitness, they have a tag that mentions their weight. This weight ranges from 15-20 lbs. Planet Fitness claims that this weight can be increased by adding free bars to the Smith machine.

Smith machine exercises

Working out with the Smith machine at Planet Fitness does not mean that you’ll only lift weights, but you can perform a range of exercises just by adjusting your movements. Here we present you a sample list of some exercises that can probably be performed with the Smith machine.

  • Smith machine squats
  • Smith machine shrugs
  • Smith machine lunges
  • Smith machine bench press

All these exercises combined with weightlifting can turn out as a great workout routine for your whole body muscles.

Is it effective?

YES! If you are a beginner and looking to lift weights but are scared due to possible injuries; the Smith machine is your guy. You can always work out with a Smith machine easily while staying safe. It is more stable than free weights thus anyone can perform it. Secondly, if you think the bar on the Smith machine is of low weight, you can always add more weight to it. Performing powerlifting exercises with the Smith machine can help work out the whole muscles of the body.


Though the Smith machine is popular fitness equipment, there still are a few limitations to its use. People who want to practice weightlifting as a profession often don’t like working out with the Smith machine due to the following reasons:

  • It only allows vertical movements, which restricts the motion.
  • Only vertical movements put more pressure on the joints, thus causing joint pains in long sessions.
  • Lifting weights in the Smith machine is easy as it is attached to a pulley, thus it cannot provide enough gains in terms of muscle and strength-building.


Lifting weights look cool, but not everyone can muster up the courage to perform powerlifting workouts due to the fear of injury. The Smith machine at Planet Fitness provides a perfect solution to it. The weight bar in the Smith machine weighing around 15-20 lbs is the best option for beginners to start their weightlifting journey. However, if you are not a fan of the Smith machine, you can always work out with free weights in a traditional way.


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