What is PR in the gym?

What is PR in the gym?

If you join a gym, you’ll surely hear lots of slang and shorts for many terms that you might not be familiar with. But one thing you know is that you need to work out sufficiently to get to your fitness goal. One such thing that is used as a common word in gyms and can help you stay fit is PR. Do you know what PR is? No? Don’t worry. We are here to tell you what is PR and how it can help you with your goals. Let’s go.

What is PR in the gym?

PR refers to the personal record of the person doing exercise on daily basis in the gym. It is mostly used by weightlifters to keep track of their progress. Athletes who have been training to participate in any sports prefer to keep an eye on their PR and keep doing more to get better at it. For weightlifters, it is imperative to know how long they have been able to lift certain weights.

In the gym, bodybuilders and weightlifters try adding more weights to their routine on daily basis. They keep noting the number of weights added and also note down their new personal record on the daily basis. On the basis of that, they either challenge themselves to do better or try to stop at a certain point to avoid injury.

Why PR is important for gymgoers?

Motivation to keep going during workouts is necessary. PR in the gym works like such motivation which keep the training moving in the right direction. It helps gym-goers push their limits to the extent where they could feel a sense of progression. It also boosts the confidence of athletes and weightlifters to go as high as they can.

How to maintain your PR in the gym?

A personal record in the gym could be maintained by:

  • Performing a variety of exercises to get the benefits of a single type of workout
  • Always performing warm-up exercises before diving right into the workout
  • Setting realistic and achievable goals
  • Keep trying to achieve the goal
  • Keep tracking the progress of your routine
  • Staying positive towards your progress whether it’s going up or down
  • Taking enough supplements to support the muscle growth and have enough energy for the workouts
  • Keeping your diet in balance by eating healthy but nutritious food
  • Sleeping enough to make sure that the body heals and recovers quickly

Final Thoughts

PR, referring to the personal record of a person at the gym is what tracks the progress of the workout routine while helping them get better at it. It works as a motivation for athletes and weightlifters and is a necessary tool for them to keep an eye on their progress, whether they need to get better at it or have to take a stop. PR at the gym could be improved in several ways including having healthy food, quality sleep, and performing a variety of workouts.


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