What Time Does Planet Fitness Close

What Time Does Planet Fitness Close

If you are someone who works the morning shift, you would probably want to maintain yourself by working out at night. But most people face the problem that most of the gyms get closed quite early, leaving no place for people who prefer to work out late at night. But Planet Fitness is different from other gyms in terms of their timings. They try their best to accommodate every single member of them and that’s why they have quite flexible timings of gyms. Want to know when Planet Fitness closes? Let’s go.

What Is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is a chain of fitness clubs all over the USA. It offers high-quality fitness services at affordable prices. That’s why millions of people are members of Planet Fitness. Their claim of providing a non-judgment zone for a workout really boosts their image. Along with their comfortable workout environment, Planet Fitness also provides almost all sorts of fitness services including HIIT, Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, Strength-training, and many more.

What Time Does Planet Fitness Open?

Planet Fitness has expanded its branches all over the USA, and due to lifestyle and time zone differences, their opening and closing time do vary, but not much. To accommodate all of its members, PF does keep open its gym for 24 hours on most days but does open a bit late on weekends. Their earliest opening time is between 4-5 am. On some days, they prefer to open their gym at 7 am or between 10-12 am.

What Time Does Planet Fitness Close?

According to the state and club, the closure timing of PF does vary. Though the timing of every gym is different and can be confirmed via their website, there are some common timings that almost every other club of PF follows.

On Monday, they close their gyms around 10 pm -12 am which is pretty good timing even for night owls to work out. From Tuesday to Wednesday, their gym remains open for 24 hours so that everyone can enjoy their workout routine without worrying about the timings. On Friday, they close their gym from 10 pm-12 am. On Saturday and Sunday, they close their gates at 7 pm, which is quite early for some people but they prefer to provide their gym employees sometime with their families as well.

DaysClosing Time
Monday10 – 12 am
Tuesday24 hrs
Wednesday24 hrs
Thursday24 hrs
Friday10 pm- 12 am
Saturday7 pm
Sunday7 pm

The Final Word

The timings of Planet Fitness are flexible enough for everyone to work out whether in the morning or at night, as they remain open for 24 hours as well on some days, while on other days they prefer to close early. You just need to confirm their opening and closing times as the timings vary from gym to gym. So, it’s in your best interest to find out their timings and then decide which days of the week work best for you.


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