Which Exercise Machine Burns The Most Belly Fat

Which Exercise Machine Burns The Most Belly Fat?

Ah! The stubborn belly fat. We all have been victims of it-though we invite it ourselves but we want to leave it soon as well. Then we look at a number of ways which can help us get rid of that belly fat. Starts a diet, joins a gym, and performs high-intensity workouts. But what if you don’t have to juggle between all these solutions at a time? You can lose this unwanted belly fat just by working out with a few exercise machines, which will make it go away in no time. Excited to know? In this article, I’ll tell you about those amazing exercise machines that burn the most of your belly fat.

How do you get that belly fat?

Belly fat is quite mannered. It never comes uninvited unless the genetic reasons. So, what do you exactly do for belly fat to come running? Let’s look at those callings.

  • Sedentary lifestyle, zero or less movement
  • Lack of daily physical activity
  • Eating junk and sugary foods
  • Poor sleep pattern
  • Genetics (Sometimes obesity is in the genes)

What are the options to lose belly fat?

It can get hard to lose belly fat but there are significant options that can be considered for shedding belly fat. Some options work well for some while some for others. It depends on the kind of belly fat and lifestyle you have. The major solutions to belly fat are:

  • Eating properly balanced food, cutting back on sugar and junk foods
  • Exercise and adding daily physical activity to life
  • Taking proper sleep
  • Avoiding stress

While eating and sleeping habits have to be followed for a long time to achieve the results, exercise is the most effective one that can help you lose your belly fat in a calculated time. Exercise machines in this regard come in handy and can be used rigorously to shed your belly fat.

Which exercise machines burn the most belly fat?

Though there are exercises that can target belly fat specifically, you cannot lose it entirely without losing overall body fat. You need to cut the calorie intake and combine this routine with an exercise routine. Losing fat through exercises depends on a few factors like the type of exercise machine you are working on, exercise intensity, length of workout, and your body weight.

Let’s take a look at the exercise machines which are claimed to burn the most belly fat and show promising results if used properly.

1. Treadmills

One of the most famous gym equipment, a treadmill is also one of the best cardio exercise machines that will kick your belly fat out of your body while keeping you in shape. You can burn more calories on the treadmill by switching its programmed features from one to another. It lets you walk briskly, run, and even jog-which ultimately engages your abdominal muscles and they start shedding belly fat. It has both low and high-intensity levels to suit the needs. To get rid of that belly fat, it is recommended to incorporate HIIT workouts, on a daily basis for 15-20 minutes.

2. Elliptical trainers

An elliptical trainer is a cardio machine found in almost every gym. It is an effective way for the whole body workout and specifically your belly fat. It is best suited for overweight people or the people who experience any joint problems. You can also incorporate a HIIT workout regime while working on elliptical trainers. Elliptical trainers allow you to increase the resistance and incline level- thus your lower-body muscles have to put more effort to move forward, and the pressure on the belly burns the fat.

3. Stationary bikes

Not only can stationary bikes burn your belly fat but can also tone your legs while improving your blood circulation as well. They might not be the best option to lose overall body fat but can surely target tummy fat quite precisely. Pedalling with increased speed and intensity can burn more calories in very less time.

4. Rowing machine

Want to intensify your workout to lose that disturbing belly fat? Rowing machines can help you with that. People usually associate it with muscle strengthening, but you should know that it is one of the best exercise machines that targets fats of your upper, lower, and core body. You can perform planks while rowing, which can make rowing more effective and will target abdominal muscles more precisely.

5 – Stair climbers

You can perform the stair climbing movements on the incline treadmill as well, then why the stair climbers? Because stair climbers need you to bend your knees, which contracts your abdominal muscles and your glutes get engaged too. A 30-minute intense workout on a stair climber can burn a good amount of calories, which will have an impact on belly fat loss.

6. Captain’s chair

One of the most acknowledged exercise machines for engaging abdominal muscles is the Captain’s chair. These machines come with no seat but armrests and backrests. You place your arms on the armrests and by using your arm muscles, lift up your legs to engage your abs. As soon as the muscle mass increases in the abdominal area, the fat stored there gets decreased.


Belly fats can be really stubborn and hard to lose. But with a proper diet, sleep pattern, and rigorous exercise routine, you can achieve those flat tummies. Though you’ll find a number of exercise machines in your gym which can help you lose belly fat, the abovementioned will work best in this regard. However, you really don’t need to work with every machine but you just need to pick the ones that work best for you- because it’s your belly fat and you know it the best.


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