Foods To Avoid When Taking Creon

Foods To Avoid When Taking Creon

When taking any kind of prescribed medicine, you need to be careful of what you take in your body with that because it affects the functioning of your medicine. In the same way, when you are taking Creon, it is important to make changes in your diet. So, what are the diet changes you need to make? Read below to know the foods you should avoid when taking Creon. 

What is Creon used for?

It’s a pancrelipase delayed-release prescription medicine of the enzyme category. These medicines are used by people who have an insufficiency of pancreatic enzymes in their body because their pancreas makes reduced pancreatic enzymes. It is known as Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and this condition could happen due to any medical problem that affects the production of this enzyme in the pancreas like cystic fibrosis, chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, etc. 

The pancreatic enzymes are required by the body for breaking down food so that it can be digested and absorbed to provide energy to the body. When your pancreas is not making enough pancreatic enzymes due to any condition, you need to take Creon to help the body with the problem.

This medicine is also used by people who have had any surgery where all or a part of the stomach or pancreas has been removed or for Infants that do not have enough pancreatic enzymes in their bodies to help them with the digestion of their food.  

Foods To Avoid When Taking Creon

Medicine like Creon works best only when you avoid foods high in saturated fat and low in protein. The foods to avoid are:

1: High-Fat Foods

You need to avoid high-fatty foods because fats need a longer time than other macros to get absorbed and digested in the body. They stay for a greater time in the stomach even after you have taken your enzyme medicine. The enzyme gets passed through your system before the fatty food leaves the stomach so it can not break down the fatty food

Some common examples of high-fat foods are:

  • Full-fat dairy
  • Beef
  • Mutton
  • Organ meats
  • Lamb 
  • Poultry with skin
  • Cheese
  • Lard
  • Ice cream
  • Fried foods
  • Trans fat
  • Full-fat dairy milk

2: Processed Foods

You need to avoid processed foods with Creon because they are harder to digest. They are high in sugar, and also contain a lot of fat in them which requires more time to get broken down and digested by the pancreatic enzymes. Some common processed foods are:

  • Burgers
  • Pizzas
  • French fries
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Savory snacks
  • Cakes
  • Biscuits
  • Potato Chips
  • Dressings and sauces

3: Very High Fiber Foods

When you are taking Creon, you should not take foods that are very high in fiber content. Though fiber is beneficial to our bodies, it can disturb the effectiveness of Creon. Fiber contains some compounds that resist digestion and also slow down the digestion and absorption of carbs and fats. In this way, carbs and fats will stay for a longer time than the Creon in the body.  

Given below are some foods high in fiber:

  • Whole Grains
  • Whole Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Dried Fruits
  • Legumes
  • Beans
  • Lentils

You need to limit the intake of these foods when taking Creon. There is no doubt that fruits and vegetables are healthy and contain essential vitamins and minerals, so you can choose nutrient-dense fruits and veggies and eat them in small amounts.

4: Alcoholic Drinks & Beverages

Consumption of alcoholic drinks and beverages can result in disease progression. Your pancreas is already affected which for why you are taking Creon, so alcohol will increase the problems of the pancreas like facilitating pancreatic injury, causing non-oxidative metabolism, and affecting pancreas stress response. All these factors worsen the condition, so alcohol consumption should be avoided with Creon. 

Read below to see what foods you can eat when taking Creon.

Foods to Eat When Taking Creon

When you are taking Creon, you need to eat a diet high in protein, low in saturated and animal fats, and containing antioxidants. Some foods that you can eat with Creon are:

1: Low Fiber Foods

As mentioned above, you need to limit foods high in fiber. So, in replacement to those foods, you can choose foods low in fiber such as:

  • Grains with enriched flour
  • White rice
  • Very well-cooked vegetables
  • Fruits without skin & seeds

2: High In Lean Protein

You should fulfill your body’s protein requirement by taking lean proteins without getting a high amount of fats in your body. 

Examples of foods with lean proteins are:

  • Lean beef
  • Poultry without skin
  • Eggs
  • High proteins seeds
  • Quinoa
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Beans
  • Lentils

3: Healthy Fats

You should be careful regarding fat consumption when you are taking Creon. But fats are also important for your body, so you should incorporate healthy unsaturated fats in your diet. 

Some examples are:

  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocadoes
  • Low-fat milk
  • Low-fat yogurt

Side Effects Of Creon

Common side effects of Creon are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Upset stomach
  • Weight loss
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Rectal irritability
  • Imbalances blood sugar levels
  • Greasy stools


When you are taking Creon, it is important to avoid foods that are high in saturated fats like animal-based protein, processed foods such as fast foods like pizza, burgers, etc, and foods high in fiber like whole grains, whole fruits, vegetables, and alcoholic drinks. A diet for insufficient pancreatic enzymes should consist of low-fiber foods, lean proteins, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.


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