What Should Be Done Following Health Violations From An Inspection

What Should Be Done Following Health Violations From An Inspection?

A visit from the health inspection team sounds scary but it should not be a problem if your restaurant or food industry is following the health and safety protocols up to the mark. But if your restaurant gets a health violation, it is pretty bad for multiple reasons. So it is important to know what should be done after a health violation from an inspection is reported so that there won’t be health violation issues in the future. 

What Is A Health Violation?

A health violation is the breaking of rules in terms of hygiene, safety, and sanitation standards. These are notices given to non-compliant restaurants or food companies regarding food safety methods. 

Health codes are made so that consumers are served the best quality food and food products that are safe and hygienic and to protect them from food poisoning and foodborne illnesses. 

Organizations like FDA and other local health departments can visit food companies and industries during working hours without informing them prior to inspection and evaluation. 

There are many health violations that are followed but let’s have a look at the common ones.

Common Health Violations

There are many health code violations, but the most common are listed below.

  • Poor kitchen sanitation
  • Food cross contamination
  • Food temperature
  • Improper food storage
  • Improper utensils storage 
  • Improper use and storage of chemicals
  • Poor personal hygiene of staff
  • Storing expired foods

Now, let’s see what should be done in this situation of health violation from an inspection.

What Should Be Done Following Health Violations From An Inspection?

When a health violation notice is given by a health inspector to the food establishment regarding the breaking of rules of food safety and hygiene, the industry or restaurant is given a specific time of 4-5 days or more depending upon the type of violation to rectify the health violation before the next visit of the inspection team. The restaurant should do the following things:

  • Understand the violation

You can only rectify the problem if you completely understand the issue.

  • Examine the reason why the violation happened

After a health violation, it is necessary to examine the reason why the violation happened. It includes brainstorming and looking into all the health practices, where they are lacking, and whether the restaurant or food industry is fulfilling the standards or not.

  • Work on the violation

Once the reason for the violation has been understood and examined, the company should now work to solve the violation. 

  • Correct the problem

Once all the issues have been cleared, the important step is to correct the violation according to the standards of food safety, sanitation, and hygiene in the given time before the next inspection. 

  • Prevent further violations of similar nature

The last and most important step is to make sure that the same kind of violation never happens in the future.

All these things should be kept in consideration and done on a priority basis following health violations from an inspection. 


Health violations are the breaking of food safety and sanitation rules. After a health violation, the restaurant or food company should work to rectify the health violation. They should understand and examine the reason for the violation, work on the problem, rectify the problem and work to prevent further violations of similar nature in the future.


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