How to do inverted row

How to do inverted row?

Pull-ups are considered the best exercise when it comes to building muscles in your back, shoulder, and arm while increasing their strength as well. However, not everyone is a fan of vertical pull-ups. For such people, they can try performing an inverted row. Do you know what inverted rows are and how to perform that? Let us tell you.

What is an inverted row?

An upper back exercise, which uses your body weight to perform rows. Its other name is Australian pull-up. It mainly works the primary muscles including the trapezius, lats, and rear deltoids. It also works the secondary muscles including the rotator cuff, biceps, and forearm flexors. It is considered a compound exercise as it employs both upper body and lower body muscles while keeping core muscles in the loop as well.

What are the benefits of performing an inverted row?

As an inverted row is a pulling exercise, it works great for people looking for adding workouts to their pulling movements. Its other benefits include:

  • It is an easy workout for both beginners and advanced-level athletes
  • It is great to build more back muscles while staying easy on joints
  • It increases the grip strength which makes it easy to perform other workouts like weightlifting
  • It is a compound exercise, that’s why it improves the overall progress of your workout
  • It helps in stabilizing the body by targeting the core muscles
  • It let you work with your body weight strength

How to do an inverted row?

To perform an inverted row successfully you need to know the proper form. Let us tell you how you can perform an inverted row.

Step 1:  Start by setting the bar according to your desired height in the bar rack. It should be high enough so you can easily hang below it while your arms get fully extended and heels touch the floor.

Step 2: Lay down, below the bar, and position yourself in a way that the bar comes right above your chest.

Step 3: Extend your arms to hold the bar and hold them with your hands by making an overhand grip. At this time your hands should be shoulder-width apart.

Step 4: Take a breath, and start pulling yourself above the ground while your heels stay on the floor. Keep moving upward until you feel your chest is touching the bar.

Step 5: Exhale, and start lowering yourself back to the ground. Once you reach the full-arm extension, take a rest and then begin again.

Variations in inverted row

To increase the intensity and add variation to your inverted row workouts, you can try performing these variations of this workout.

  • Single-arm inverted row
  • Legs-raised inverted row
  • Single-arm rotational inverted row

Safety Tips

To make your inverted row more beneficial but safe, you can try following these tips.

  • Keep your bottoms straight while performing this workout
  • Make a proper angle with your elbows with your body while doing inverted rows
  • Always keep your abs tight
  • Try pulling the bar right towards the middle of your chest to maximize resistance
  • Go all the way down to the floor until you feel your arms are completely extended

The final word

The inverted row can be performed by laying beneath the bar and pulling your body towards it, which let you engage the upper body, lower body, and core muscles. It helps in building more muscle mass and increases grip strength as well. It can be performed by beginners as well. So, why don’t you give it a try and tell us if it worked for you or not?


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