How to deadlift safely

How to deadlift safely?

Are you a beginner at weight-lifting? Then there is a high chance you’ve been trying to get to the stage where you are able to perform the king of the lifts-the deadlift. You might see many of your gym fellows getting hurt because of deadlifting, which might make you wonder if there is any way to deadlift safely. Or is it a lost cause? Let’s see if you can deadlift safely or not.

First, let’s take a look at deadlift-what exactly it is.

What Is A Deadlift?

It is a kind of workout included in weightlifting workouts where bodybuilders lift heavy weights to get the benefits of this compound exercise. The deadlift is widely known for its strength and muscle-building qualities, however, it is a highly challenging exercise. Its challenging nature also causes injuries to a number of people who fail to perform it correctly or try to overdo it.

So, can you perform this workout safely? Let us tell you.

How To Deadlift Safely?

Performing a deadlift without maintaining a proper position could result in serious injuries, however, if it is performed with the right technique, it can offer a wide variety of benefits. So, how exactly you can deadlift safely? Let’s see.

Step 1: The very first step is to choose the number of weights you are going to add to the barbell. After adding the desired amount of weights to the barbell, start in front of it in a way that your toes go under the barbell.

Step 2: Now the trick is to keep your back straight, no matter what, and bend your legs. It is most important to deadlift safely.

Step 3: Once you’ve settled yourself in this position, with a strong grip, hold the bar. People tend to hold bars in different ways based on their comfort level. The most common grips are overhand grip and mixed grip.

Step 4: Once you’ve secured your hold on the bar, it’s time to pull up the bar in the upward direction while keeping your body straight.

Step 5: Keep the barbell around the height of your waist.

Step 6: After staying in this position for a few seconds, slowly start lowering down the bar and eventually place it down on the floor. If you want to increase the difficulty level, you can also do touch and go.

Step 7: To repeat this, pick up the bar again with the perfect body posture and perform as many repeats as you desire.

Tips To Deadlift Safely

To make sure that you do not face any injury because of deadlifting, keep these tips in mind before performing this workout.

  • Try bending your knees at 30 degrees, it will lessen the chances of a knee injury.
  • Avoid squeezing your shoulder blades while lifting bars
  • Always bend down slowly
  • Always keep your back straight, and never lift the weight if you are keeping your back in the rounded position
  • Always keep your head in alignment with your spine

The Final Word

To gain the benefits of the deadlift, it is necessary to perform it with the right body posture while keeping your back straight throughout the workout. If you manage to follow the above-mentioned tips, you’ll surely be able to perform a deadlift safely. And after some time, you’ll be able to master it by performing its various variations.


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