What is the Most Effective Anorexic Diet?

What is the Most Effective Anorexic Diet?

There are many diets that appear promising and attractive for weight loss. It has become a trend to become extra slim no matter what diet program you follow. A concept of an Anorexic diet is not very common as other famous diets, but people who desperately want to lose weight wonder what could be the most effective anorexic diet that they could follow. Don’t worry, here we will discuss everything you want to know about the most effective anorexic diet but for understanding this, you need to know about Anorexia Nervosa and whether any effective anorexic diet exists or not, so let’s just get to some answers.

What is Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder with extreme calorie restriction leading to severely low or abnormal body weight with the constant fear of gaining weight. The diet linked with this whole concept of restricting the total calorie intake to lose extreme weight is called the Anorexic diet. People often ask about what could be the most effective anorexic diet. Here we will discuss it.

What is the most effective anorexic diet?

The most effective anorexic diet is the Ana Boot Camp Diet also called the ABC Diet. it is a pro-anorexic plan which is a very severe and risky form of diet that involves consuming a restricted amount of calories for 50 days so that it promotes weight loss.

Ana boot camp or ABC diet is the most effective anorexic diet because it follows the same idea, that is restricting the calorie intake extremely for the purpose of abnormal weight loss due to the fear of getting fat.

How does Ana Boot Camp Diet work?

The ABC diet is an Anorexia promoting diet plan. It is a 50-day plan which requires eating very few calories around 400-500. This diet works by the strategy that when your body does not receive the necessary energy and with varying calorie amounts each day, it gets tricked into slowing down the metabolism and burning an increased amount of fat without feeling starved.

It involves a schedule of 50 days which is divided into 5 phases:

Phase 1: Starting 10 days

  • It involves consuming 500 calories for the first 2 days and can be decreased to 300 by the third day and increase up to 400 calories on the 4th day.
  • Consume 100 calories on the 5th day and then increase up to 200 on the 6th day.
  • On 7-9 days, increase the daily calories by 100 till you reach 500 calories.
  • On the 10th day- keep a fast

Phase 2: Days 11-20

  • Start with 150 calories while increasing it to 200 and then to 400 calories by the next day.
  • Then slowly reduce the calorie intake from 350 to 250 and then to 200.
  • Fast on 7th day, eat 200 calories on day 8th and 100 calories on day 9th.
  • End it by having a fast on day 10th.

Phase 3: Days 21-30

  • Start with 300 calories and reduce it to 50 calories per day till you reach 50 calories a day.
  • Consume 100 and 200 calories for two days.
  • Increase the calories up to 300 and consume 800 on the 9th day.
  • Fast on the 30th day.

Phase 4: Days 31-34

  • This starts with 250 calories and increases by 100 calories every day for 2 weeks.
  • Fast on the last day.

Phase 5: Days 35-50

  • This last phase should start with 500 calories while reducing 50 calories every day until 200 calories are reached by the 7th day.
  • It involves consuming about 200 calories on the 8th day.
  • Consume 250 calories on the 9th day and decrease it to 200 in the day.
  • The ABC DIET should be ended with fasting.

ABC meal Plan Tabular Form

DaysWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8

When our body gets very little calories it starts to burn down it’s stored fat. This distribution of calories for 50 days seems very unusual for the body, so is it safe to follow this ABC diet or not? Come find yourself.

Is Ana Boot Camp a safe diet?

It is quite simple to say that ABC is not at all a healthy and safe diet to follow because it does not fulfill the body’s energy requirements and nutritional needs and tricks the body into burning fat whereas it actually burns the water weight while allowing the body to eat very little food and consume very few calories.

As explained above, this diet is not a safe choice, we wonder what risks could be related to the ABC diet. Why not have a look at all the possible risks related to it?

What are the possible health risks of the Ana Boot Camp Diet?

The possible health risks related to the ABC diet are as follows:’

1– It causes low energy and sugar levels in the body as you are consuming very few calories.

2– It makes you feel lethargic, dizzy, fatigued, and slow throughout the day.

3- When your body requires more calories than you eat, the body starts getting weak

4- Whenever you stop this diet plan, your body will regain the weight very quickly.

5- It poses unnecessary pressure on the individual to become extra slim.

6- It leads to eating disorders because of the very low and disbalance of energy intake.

7- It increases the risk of multiple health problems as you are not getting enough nutrition that your body needs.

8- It makes you prone to Anorexia Nervosa.

9- It poses serious risks to the kidneys, heart, and overall health.

10- It puts you to risk of malnutrition because you consume very less nutrition in this diet plan.


The most effective Anorexic diet is the Ana Boot Camp (ABC) Diet. it is simply a 50-day diet based on the idea of Anorexia Nervosa in which you eat only 400-500 calories in an unusual manner so that the body burns more fat as compared to calories consumed. At the end of the day, this is not a safe option to follow as it affects your health negatively and you regain all the weight after 50 days when you stop this diet.


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