7 Best Arms Workout for Women

7 Best Arms Workout For Women

Toning your arms to look perfect in that sleeveless dress or to just lose that extra fat to have desired slender arms – there could be many such reasons for you to read this article. Various workouts in this regard have been designed to specifically target your arms muscles, and there are a lot of options to opt from.

In this article, we will be enlisting some of the best workout methods that will help you in shaping your arms.

1. Arm circles

This exercise builds strength in your biceps and burns extra fat that has been stored on your arms. To perform this workout, stand straight on the ground while your feet should be placed shoulder-width apart. Spread your both arms to make a “T” shape with your body. Start doing small circular motions with your both arms on either side. Perform 15-20 repeats and then get back to your initial position.

2. Dumbbell chest press

This exercise will work on your pectoral chest muscles and also tone up your arms. Lie down on the bench with your back straight and your feet touching the ground. Hold medium to heavyweight dumbbells in both hands. Place your arms in a 45-degree position with your body. Now start pushing weights upward and then pull back towards your chest. Return to the initial position and repeat after taking a rest.

3. Bicep curls

This workout, as the name suggests, adds strength to your bicep muscles (both brachialis and brachioradialis). Pick dumbbells that are medium in weight. Stand straight; feet shoulder-width apart; shoulders relaxed and elbows close to your ribs. Start pulling dumbbells upward towards your shoulder, while your elbows remain in touch with your body. Slowly lower down the weights and then return back to your takeoff position. Repeat and do more sets.

4. Hammer curls

Designed to target muscles of both upper and lower arms simultaneously. For this workout, stand upright straight with equal weight dumbbells in both of your hands. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Start bending your elbow while holding a dumbbell and pull the weight towards your shoulder with the help of the lower arm; while keeping the upper arm straight. Hold there for a few seconds and then lower the weights to get back to the initial position. Repeat.

5. Dips

Dips improve strength and resistance in your triceps muscles. To perform this workout, settle yourself on the edge of a stable bench or chair or anything around you that works for it. Your legs should be extended, hands should be placed on either side of the body, and feet should be on the ground. Start moving your body forward from the chair’s edge with the help of your palms’ strength. Lower down yourself towards the ground, then push yourself back up. Get back to the initial form before repeating another set.

6. Push-ups

Push-ups are known to increase the core strength of the muscles. While the arms involved during this workout burn a lot of fat, getting toned in shape doesn’t seem like a tough job. For this exercise, align yourself in a plank position on the ground and keep your arms straight. Your elbows should be side by side with your body while making a 45-degree angle with it. With the strength of your arms muscles, push yourself up from the ground-hold yourself there for a few seconds. Release yourself slowly to your original position. Perform 2-3 sets with 15-20 repeats at least.

7. Triceps Kickbacks

To gain muscle mass in your upper arm, tricep kickbacks are a good option. Place your one knee on a flat bench and bend over a little. Place your respective hand on the bench as well for the support. Maintain your position with a straight spine and hips in the air. Hold the dumbbell in your other arm and start lifting. It should be making a 90-degree angle and be in line with your torso. Straighten your arm in the backward position. Gradually lower down your arm and repeat the sets with alternative arms.

The final word

Whether you are aiming for losing arm fat or want to tone the shape or just want to build some strength and muscles in your arms these exercises are a good fit for you. Make a routine to perform those exercises that suit your aims well. The wonders of these exercises can only be observed if you’ll be consistent. If one exercise is not working out for you, do not exhaust yourself with it and just move on to the next one; variety always works.


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