10 Machines worth using at planet fitness

10 Machines Worth Using At Planet Fitness

The one thing that makes any gym best in its services is the user-friendly workout machines that are easy to operate and does offer several fitness benefits. Planet Fitness is famous for its services including cheap prices and a quality workout environment. If you are new to Planet Fitness or looking to add something new to your workout routine at Planet Fitness, here are the top 10 machines that are worth your time at Planet Fitness.

10 Machines Worth Using At Planet Fitness

Warm up your muscles, as you are beginning the journey of the best workout machines at Planet Fitness. Here are our top 10 picks at Planet Fitness for you.

1: Tanning Booth/Bed

These machines are a great addition to Planet Fitness amenities, only available for black card members. These tanning booths/beds are designed to provide a controlled amount of UV rays to mimic the effect of sunlight on the body. Tanning beds help people get enough pigmentation on their skin and get the perfect tan lines. One just needs to follow the proper protocol and precautions to enjoy the services of tanning beds/booths.

2: Hydromassage

All your sore muscles can be sorted just by lying down on the Hydromassage machine present in Planet Fitness. It is a bed filled with water underneath, which upon being provided with electric current moves to massage your body. To control the pace of massage, there is a touchscreen control installed right beside a bed. The water beneath also gets warm with time to relax the muscles of the body. This service is also limited to being used by black card holders only.

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3: Total Body Enhancement

Planet Fitness is surely a highly loved place by people looking for cost-effective options to maintain their health and beauty. The Beauty Angel RVT 30 at Planet Fitness provides total body enhancement services by emitting red light of a specific wavelength (620-770 nm) which eventually gets absorbed in the body and increases ATP production. It is effective for losing weight while nourishing your skin by improving blood circulation.

4: Smith Machine

If you love lifting weights for muscle building then Smith Machine at Planet Fitness can be a perfect choice for you. It is a weight-lifting machine in which the risk of injury is minimal. The free weights are attached to a pulley and one can only move them upward or downward depending on the type of exercise. The attachment to the pulley makes the weights stable and easy for you to lift.

5: Hanging Leg Raise

Belly fat is basically every other person’s problem due to the rise in obesity. To overcome this problem and lose belly fat while working out the lower body muscles, there is a hanging leg raise machine at Planet Fitness. It is quite easy to operate and you feel like taking a swing. It let you swing your legs up while putting pressure on your arms; which helps in building core muscles, improving movement in hip flexors, and the pressure on arms and core also shape your abs.

6: Rowing Machines

Cardio workouts are considered to be in fashion for everyone who wants to work out their whole body muscles. One of the best cardio workout machines is the Rowing machine at Planet Fitness which mimics the pattern of real-life rowing. While the treadmill mostly workout on the lower body, the rowing machine make sure to engage your total body muscles. It helps in building endurance, strength, and resistance in the muscles. So, if you are at Planet Fitness, do add the rowing machine to your workout routine and you’ll be surprised with the results.

7: Seated Leg Press

Anyone aiming to work on their quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves should try this seated leg press machine at Planet Fitness. It is one of the best lower-body exercise machines there and anyone can enjoy this service whether they hold classic membership or black card membership. One only needs to learn the right technique to use it, which the instructors and trainers at Planet Fitness can help you.

8: Chest Press

If you want to build muscles in your upper body or need to shape them up then the Chest press machine at Planet Fitness is your go-to machine. It works in a similar manner as push-ups, working on your chest, triceps, and bicep muscles. It also lets you improve your compound movements.

9: Cable Biceps/Triceps Bar

Who doesn’t like those beautifully crafted biceps and triceps to build them by working out at the gym is kind of essential. Because non-equipment exercise might help in shaping them but not that much. Planet Fitness has the Cable biceps bar and Cable triceps bar at their gyms which are dedicated to building strength and resistance in your biceps and triceps muscles. The swinging that usually happens during free weight-lifting does not happen here, rather you can easily balance out your movements with this machine.

10: Stair Climbers

Planet Fitness offers such machines at their gyms that usually mimic your daily life activities, making it easy for you to perform exercises. One such machine is Stair Climbers. It’s just like climbing stairs, which let you work out your glutes while helping your posture to improve. This is a beginner-friendly machine but can be used for an advanced workout as well by increasing the pace of the workout.

The Final Word

Planet Fitness is a great option for everyone. It is so because it offers a variety of workout machines that let you work out the whole body muscles or even certain muscle groups. In short, you’ll find something for everything. If you are looking for the top workout machines at Planet Fitness to add to your workout routine, then we’ve mentioned the top 10 machines in this article that cover all muscle groups. So, what’s the wait for? Go and try all these machines for yourself.


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